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Working with HDR (Hygh Dynamic Range) gives me a lot of pleasure because, far from being a ritual, is different from the previous one. This picture taken in Brazil, in the city of Niterói, is a combination of three exposures at

Still on the the HDR thema (please, take a look at my previous post about this subject matter), I worked on this photograph taken in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in one of its large sections. This is a single shot

I visited a couple of times New York and, the more I do it, the more I find it amazing. There is something there that attracts, not only me, but millions of mes to its architecture, way of living, vibrant

Interesting how our point of view can change from the scene we are looking at, the picture we take from that scene and its final processing stage. This happened to me when I was strolling around with my wife at the

Have you already noticed how some animals that are notorious hunters chase their preys? As soon as they detect them, they froze their eyes on them and slowly and silently move towards the preys until their close enough to jump

To me, above all, Japan represents a mystique combination of elements as simple as a geisha, the pink peach flowers, the Fuji, the Buddhist temples, the very peculiar way Japanese act and think, its tradition