Since thousands of years ago, specially in India and China, there is a concept that living beings present an aura although no conclusive evidence could be provided by scientific investigation. In spite of lack of proof, there are many people accepting the idea that living beings are capable of producing a layer of energy that surrounds living bodies and that this layer of energy directly depends on the current state of mind and health of these bodies.

When the Kirlian Photography was first brought to life by Seymon Kirlian and his wife in 1958, and finally popularized in 1970, the scientific community and paranormal investigators cheered at the possibility of proving and showing the existence of the so discussed aura manifested by all living beings. Finally, it would be possible to “see” diseases in people and treat them accordingly.

Unfortunately, the “aura” impressed in a photograph by a finger could also be seen in inanimate objects like coins, being one of the most important reasons for the effect the presence of moisture in and around the object. Also, leafs subjected to experiments in vacuum did not present any aura thus helping to demystify the effect.

Today, the Kirlian Effect is more of a photographic curiosity than anything else.

Myself, I think there is this kind of energy called aura and it was not proven yet because the current instruments measuring this energy level are not sensitive enough to prove a point.

I can’t prove it either but the art derived from my photographs symbolize this emanation and attempt to represent, empirically, what is going on with plants. For now, these artistic renderings are just digital art taken to a subjective direction. Maybe, one day, they may prove right or wrong.