My passion for Photography started very early in my childhood when my uncle, then a rich guy, used to take family pictures with his newest camera or his newest lens. Rolleiflex, Fujica, Leica, Mamyia, Yashica, Hasselblad… He had them all but he loved the Rolleiflex. He even taught me how to focus and how to see a scene provided that I would not touch the camera… Years later, I asked him why he never had a Kodak or a Polaroid and he said that he would work with a camera and not with a “camera”!

I grew up with this passion in my mind, trying to exercise it with cheap cameras until I bought my Minolta str 303b which was a glory for me. I took thousands of pictures with it until events of life destroyed all my albums and camera. I have no past in Photography!

For many years, Photography was just a dormant element on me. One day, riding my bike, I found a small film Yashica camera on the grass still with film and some pictures already exposed. Nobody around, I used the rest of the film. After the developing, there were some people in the distance but nobody recognizable. OK, I got a camera! Weeks later, riding the same path, I found the case of the camera not far away from where I found it. Most probably, its owner noticed its loss, came back moments after I left carrying it and disposed the case in anger. Sorry, it was not my intent!

That event sparked the passion again. From film, to digital, from point and shoot to DSLR, here I am now trying to satisfy this craving for capturing emotions that I also tried to do while doing watercolor painting.

The bad news were that I had to learn everything practically from scratch as technology evolved and the requirements for quality increased significantly because more and more people were and are getting access to medium and high end cameras.

The good news is that we now have an abundance of material for study at our disposal on the Web and the possibilities to play with settings and pixels are simply unimaginable.

The measure of my progress is the appreciation I am getting from people that see my pictures and from my website updates that I promote every two years as I throw out less and less pictures at every update.

I hope you could enjoy my galleries and writings!

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