Random Glimpses

No particular order; no particular grouping. Just fun!


In reality, who is the active side here: the arriving light or the shadows that are slowly taking over?


Often, I start wondering how people get ideas to enlighten their lives… The combination of shades, colors, shapes and textures enrich our vision and makes our heart to feel hope for the future.

This guy was there, attentively waiting for his owners to have some joy among friends while tasting some beer in Amsterdam. Perhaps, he also wanted one too?

Who is older? The cobble-stoned streets or people living there? This is Pula, settled in prehistoric times and still presenting the presence of the Roman domination.

Hidden in the middle of the woods… I wish to relax there!


A small place, bright colours, reflecting the good mood of the moment.


Sunset in an idillic place enclaved in winding roads.

Small patches of fog looking like cotton tufts spread out by some giant kid willing to invent sky on earth.

It was a house behind a dirty car shop. One could think, how they survive with the noise?

The Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, at Pessach, while people where praying at the Wailing Wall below (not seen).

The calmness of Nature.