Lines, Angles and Circles

The human body, one of the most beautifully designed and constructed organisms in Nature – if not the perfect one, does not have any single perfect single line, a perfect parallel, a perfect 90 degrees angle or a perfect circle. Nevertheless, it works perfectly although its geometric imperfections, if I may repeat myself.

It is so strange that we, living beings invested in temporary human bodies, want to see perfect organizations, perfect laws and perfect objects, all translated to lines, angles, circles and other perfect forms.

A tiny spec of this assumption can be seen here where, coincidentally or not, the blue seems to be one of the leitmotifs, almost pure, almost reaching that state of perfection the other elements have. At the end, it is also part of the theme as it is comprised by lines; it interconnects, limits and help to fill the various objects of this discussion.

The correctness of the angles and lines leading to a perfect building. Perhaps, so perfect that it becomes boring. Every part is aligned with the others and nothing differentiates one from the others. Even the lights seem to follow the pattern. Pity, not a single soul on the windows to bring some unbalance to the scene.

Talking about garage doors, this is the bigger picture (no pun intended) of the detail seen at the top of this page. It tells more about the same element although with the pattern.

Changing the perspective, things present themselves with a radically different mood. This time, the same building has some interest.

It is my fault that the title does not mention triangles but I am including some here. One thing though: when I studied Geometry at school, I do not remember seeing triangles in colors, did you?

I feel that there is a story behind this garage door but the only one that I can think of is the guy that built it would like chocolate with cream, all topped with strawberries…

How many corridors have this very same “structure”? Verticals and horizontals with lights needlessly splashing energy 24 hours a day (yes, there are inexpensive motion sensors that could trigger the lights when needed).

This is not an invented scene; rather, it was captured from a facade of a building where the entire concept is harmonious. The beautiful combination of different lines is continuous and pleasant.

Even the simplest things seem to be right, like this semicircle in this full of customers restaurant. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to its form, not even when I clicked it.

All benches lined up. Even the wood beams, in unison with the way the benches are displaced, converge to a focal point somewhere outside the boundaries of the picture. An implied title for this one could be “Interrupted” for the obvious reason of the missing bench.

Very simple: I see parallel lines!

If you go down these stairs, they are just stairs with some sort of resting place at its bottom. But, there is more than that: there is an intention to transform a simple object of daily life into a pleasant element of the place.

Let us concentrate on the ellipsoid here, the only element that brakes the monotony of lines, angles and diamonds.

See the sky? It is also cooperating with the symphony of lines on this simple roof of a modern building.

A more complex combination of lines and curves not found in modern constructions anymore. Is it because it does not belong to the current architectural trends or is it because it is too expensive to be done? Or both?