Study in White

Researches say there is a correlation between the experiences we have while in a vigil state (and the corresponding colors of these experiences) with the colors of our dreams. For instance, people accustomed to old black and white TV sets, old black and white photographs and newspapers are more prone to dream in black and white. The opposite is also true, that is, younger people tend to dream in colors because they are constantly dealing with colorful technology.

On the other hand, if I experience scenes with snow on the ground, skies covered with white clouds and various shades of grey in between due to the cold weather and if I consider that conceiving an idea or creating an image in my mind are also some kinds of dreams, can I conclude that this Study in White is actually a dream in black and white?

Enjoy the images while you decide about the answer!

I associate pine trees covered in snow on a white blanket with Christmas dreams. And these rocks were adding the last touch to the scene.

Only a few steps were separating me from the trees. But, at each step, my boots were sinking deeper and deeper in the snow. Already at the knees level, I fulfilled my dreams…

These rolls of animal food just gave me the ingenious idea of producing big rolls, similar to toilet paper, one meter wide (3 feet) for price reduction purposes, made of pizza or any other interesting food.

Customers would go to these old fashion stores and ask “Please, I would like 30 cm (or a foot) of pepperoni pizza to go”.

The clerk would reply, “Due to our store policies, I can only sell you the entire width. Do you still want it?”.

“OK, then only 5 cm (2 inches), please”.

“But, don’t fold it! Thank you!”.

Once upon a time, I dreamed about living in a small cabin, hidden in the middle of trees in a forgotten mountain, isolated from civilization. There, I would enjoy peaceful times with myself, occasionally talking to the animal kingdom around and freeing my ideas into paper.

Then, I experienced the cold and snowy days with the frigid air whipping through the clothes, making me wish to be in a warm place.

Not sure if I will make this dream come through one day…

On a scientific note, a thought crosses my mind now: what about a snail trying to reach that unknown turn of the road?… Would it be able to do it? How long it would take? What would it find when getting there? If it succeeds, would it think “That’s a dead-end, Jim! Are you on drugs? Wake up!”.

I could hear the wind blowing, no other sounds around. My mind raced on this bit of desolation. I could almost feel frozen to death soldiers painstakingly marching to nowhere…

Why is Humankind still suffering like that?

How many conversations out loud have these benches heard?

Ah! If I only could ask them how many people sat there thinking and dreaming!… If I only could know how many of these dreams came through!…

I don’t want to know how many people were there nor what were their dreams; I just wanted to know what were the benches feelings. Could they say a few words of encouragement to a troubled mind? Would be possible for them to congratulate those that managed to pursue their dreams?

If only these benches could talk!