Croatia – Plitvice and Scenes

We were expecting to visit a country full of tradition, a rich variety of food, wonderful scenery and amicable people. We were wrong! What we did find out was a stunning country with very warm people everywhere welcoming us to enjoy the beauties of the place.

We enjoyed so many different platters that we don’t even remember their names anymore but stands out: Štrukli, found mostly in the Zagreb region, which is a dough with various types of fillings like local cheese, cream, eggs, either cooked or baked.

Even though it was still March and the vegetation was on his way to pick up, no doubt, the striking landscapes and cityscapes made us a difficult task to select which pictures should be included in this brief photographic essay about Croatia.

Plitvice National Park

Croatia is a beautiful country to explore but we have to admit that Plitvice is something special.

Plenty of pristine lakes formed in terraces, circled by walkways and waterfalls leaving that “wow!” impression in everyone.

Country Scenes

We didn’t try to check whether this well works well (no pun intended) but we all have to agree that it is beautiful.

In this pond, in Velesevec, there were three men fishing, drinking beer, chatting and laughing. An original, simple and tranquil scene. I asked permission to take a large picture including them, the pond and the house. Politely, with a heavy English accent, one of them whispered not to include them because they were not supposed to be there…

Before entering the Plitvice Park and exiting the small town of Korenica, a sunset glimpse of an isolated house against the bare mountains.

Ruca, so small that we could see when at it. Nevertheless, full of beautiful country scenes.

Just outside Podgora, at the sunset, the spike of a church reveals itself.

Croatia has a strong religious tradition demonstrated by the presence of spiritual buildings everywhere including this small church in the outskirts of Zagreb. Unfortunately, it was closed at the time we were there.

A typical country scene in Velesevec.

Podgora, in the Dalmatian space, is a very small touristic city between the Adriatic Sea and rocky mountains in the back, offers some interesting details to be admired.

Urban Scenes

So much to been in Croatian’s urban places. Details that would escape to commoners, become relevant to visitors. Noticeable, there is only architecture, my preferred theme to photograph.

Above, who’s older here in Pula?

Korenica, almost at the entrance of the Plitvice National Park.

Pazin, a charming city.

Another scene of Pazin.

Strong colors at Pula, in the Istria region, facing Italy.

Sabomor, close to Zagreb, almost a doll’s house…

Sisak, not big but charming.

The contrasting interaction of houses in Zagreb.

Zagreb captured at a sunset.