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Here in Ottawa, I have seen more fireworks in a year than I had seen in my entire life elsewhere. Right now, I am seeing this beautiful presentation of colors, explosions, beams that goes in a crescendo and I found

Canada Day, commemorated at July, the 1st, marks the start of the country called Canada in 1867 or you could call it "Canada's Birth Day", if you prefer. A series of events happens throughout the day ending with fireworks at the

It is not only from sunny days that we can create opportunities for a nice photo. This afternoon, the day did not promise much but the sky was contrasting enough to spread light around the objects on the ground and

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]OK, I accept the suggestion that maybe the pictures are not really yellow but gold or even brown! But, if we otherwise also accept the idea that they are metaphorically representing the four seasons, then yellow in place of any other

There are days that things work well and there are days that the more you try being nice or the more you try being productive, things simply do not work out. Today, it was one of those days that none of

As I usually do at lunch time, I was walking in the neighborhood with my camera just inspecting if anything interesting would jump on me when I saw these beautiful purple and white flowers with a delicate yellow detail almost