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O meu processo legal de divórcio foi um tanto longo, chegando ao ponto de ter que sair de casa de um dia para outro. Comigo, apenas uns poucos pertences e

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“Another day at the office. I don’t care anymore whether the enemy is going to hear me or not. I stopped counting the days, and I don’t remember when I first arrived at this hole. The hours go by very slowly with the snow and the wind witnessing my agony while I wait for the enemy to arrive. I already wish it comes to put an end to this agony”!

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The Chief of Police shrugged his shoulders in resignation when one of his aides pointed at a piece of the uniform found. “From the other side!”. This finding would change everything and would bring a roster of complications for many people, especially him.

“I love you!”

These three simple words do wonders for a relationship, and I often say them to my wife as a sign of constant affection and love for her. However, at the most unpredictable moments, no matter what we are doing, my wife asks me:

“Do you love me?”

At least for me, a 30 minutes stroll after lunch with my camera helps me to relax my body, to clear my mind and to keep me focused on my micro photography projects. At night, I take a look at the pictures, usually not more than 15, I select two or three possessing a reasonable quality and throw out the remaining ones.