Want to Relax?

If you want some relaxation time, just to get away from your daily chores or from problems, go out for a walk with a camera. You do not need to stay long out; 15 to 20 minutes is enough.

Why for a walk?

Not a strenuous walk, fast paced, but the way it allows you to see the neighborhood, the trees, the people on the streets, details on the buildings… It is surprising how many little and yet interesting things we miss everyday just because we do not have time to look around.

Not with an intent but just to get “lost” around a few blocks, preferably the ones not visited yet.

Not be afraid of engaging on a short conversation with people who you never saw or talked before. In these days when everybody fears almost everything, is still unbelievably common to find people who just want to exchange a word about a beautiful rose that is growing in their garden, or the nice color applied to the house or just how the weather has behaved lately.

Not be afraid of stopping to admire a little flower here and there or the symmetry of the trees on the road or, perhaps, this classy old car parked over there.

It all relaxes the body and clears the mind for brief moments, just enough to give opportunity to see problems from a different perspective.

Why with a camera?

Because it pushes you to see things from a limited angle, it also forces you to find unimaginable ways to frame things that were right in front of you all the time.

Because it gives an opportunity to check later on things that you saw and experienced and have sweet remembrance about them.

Because cameras capture all the details, the ones we specifically aim at and the ones you just not noticed right beside or behind the first ones.

Two walks

In one of my walks, a took the picture shown above, at the introduction. I do not know the name of this plant, but it was there on a secluded place of a garden. I found it peculiar and added a bit of a texture and a frame that would match the golden-brownish moments of Fall.

The second walk was just around the corner, on a group of trees that protected a rock from getting the sun thus resulting in a mossy surface. The leaves were there almost waiting for someone to take a picture.

Enjoy the walk!

Mossy Rock

Mossy Rock