Before the Storm

I really don’t like going to the doctor for whatever reason and I only do it when it is absolutely necessary which seldom happens for my own good. I am not saying that doctors or the associated medication that often comes with the visits to them are bad but whenever I could avoid them both that should indicate that, in principle, I am in a general good health.

However, this time I went to my family doctor I was quite relaxed because I passed unscathed through my regular check-up and I managed to take this picture on the way back to the parking lot.

Around 6 PM, the Sun was struggling not to be overcame by the thick clouds right in front of me that were pointing to an impending storm.

I took a series of six pictures ready to produce a HDR image but I did not like it as much as the work I did on one of the pictures mainly because it was a bit windy and the branches presented themselves blurred on the resulting HDR composite.

If you are asking what was I doing with my camera at the doctor, I just have to say that I almost always carry it around specially that day because doctor’s office is in an old corner in downtown which could potentially present some interesting scenes for pictures. Exactly as it happened here!

And, don’t forget that if I were Stephen King, a camera at hand would give me the opportunity to register and then write a story about how this doctor performed a bloody and horrible procedure on me at these barely lit walls of the hospital (the office is in a hospital) where zombies and other malicious creatures would be roaming to seize reckless patients…

Phew! That did not happen!…

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