Last Fall

Last Fall

I was browsing through my pictures as I from time to time do and I found this picture taken last Fall at the park.

The leaves were all the same color and barely some ones were starting to get that strong red color. Lucky the lamp-post because otherwise it would almost disappear in the middle of so much beauty!

It was not only about the Fall that I was reminiscing though. By going back to old pictures, I can remember facts and revise the way I dealt with the pictures that were a result of these facts. Interesting! While I am using a different approach to post-process a photo taken last year or two years ago, I remember where it was taken, the facts surrounding it… Good memories! This is what a Photo Album should bring to people: memories! But, I don’t stay in the past; I bring the mood of the Past to the Present and work the picture so that it becomes more alive than ever!

In case you are asking about the bad memories, I drop the pictures that I do not like… I may not able to erase the Past but I will no longer carry them over because Life moves on!

  • Bressan/ 23.06.2013Reply

    Obrigado, Gleice!



  • Gleice Lisboa/ 18.06.2013Reply


  • Te Delage/ 18.06.2013Reply

    Um espetaculo!!!

    • Bressan/ 23.06.2013Reply

      Valeu, Te! Obrigado, mesmo!



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