I Could Not Resist!

As I usually do at lunch time, I was walking in the neighborhood with my camera just inspecting if anything interesting would jump on me when I saw these beautiful purple and white flowers with a delicate yellow detail almost tucked in and out of sight in a very small flower bed.

I tried several different positions to take a good picture but there were branches in front, the balcony of the house at the left side, a car blocking the way on the right side and, obviously, the house behind the flowers. Fortunately, the Sun was coming almost from above but not directly on the flowers which provided a nice and soft light. But, my problem was still there as I could not point my camera without facing an obstacle in front.

I could not miss these flowers and, finally, I saw a decorative rock two steps away from me and in the middle of the bush. With one foot on the curb and another on the rock, I managed to keep myself steady while quickly taking some pictures before someone would yell at me for being on his/her garden. I got some scratches but here is the result. By the way, does someone know the name of this flower?