Hidden Somewhere…

Almost on time, rushing through the crowded streets for a shooting session, I saw this wonderful lilac in a small garden and partially hidden by a fake white fence. No other bushes, any wild flowers, just grass for company.

Strange! Is not it feeling lonely? All that people walking by and, nevertheless, standing there as to say: “Do not worry! I am still here to show you that beauty is everywhere!”.

I was also in a hurry but I decided to pay a compliment to it. I grabbed my camera and, with all the existing settings, shot this picture. I mentally said “Thank you for the beauty!” and left for my urgent matters.

This episode reminded me a video about the famous violinist Joshua Bell playing incognito at the D. C. Metro Station. During his 45 minutes presentation, only few people stood there to listen to him and, apparently, only one recognized him.

Was I the only person recognizing the beauty of that flower even though for a few moments only? But, if I would ever have any merits in this gesture, they were all washed out because I left the picture hidden somewhere in the folds of my many other pictures. Now, I am trying to revive that little moment. Please, beautiful lilac, accept my apologies and my acknowledgement for your beauty!

Enjoy this moment with me!