Fire and Water

Fire and Water

Canada Day, commemorated at July, the 1st, marks the start of the country called Canada in 1867 or you could call it “Canada’s Birth Day”, if you prefer.

A series of events happens throughout the day ending with fireworks at the Capital City, Ottawa.


Canada Day Fireworks, Ottawa - Canada

Canada Day Fireworks, Ottawa – Canada

On the same day, I captured these water plants at the Ottawa River also trying to commemorate the day.


Water Plants.

Water Plants.

Celso Bressan

  • Val/ 15.12.2013

    Canada’s confederation was 1867. Love your pic of the Centennial flame. My father was involved in the design and building of it.

    • Bressan/ 15.12.2013

      Thanks, Val! The date is now corrected.


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    CBressan Photography | Flowers./ 18.08.2013

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