Nature Glimpses

No particular order; no particular grouping. Just fun!

We never get bored with the colors and vitality of a tulip!

Daffodils from a different perspective.

The delicate scent and beauty of Lavenders.

“Pay attention to details”, some say. “Where you least expect, there comes some interesting”, others say. And I did!

A giant palette of all kinds of colors and shapes at the tulip fields in Holland.

Early morning, the grass still exhaling its moist, we enjoy the life the day promises…

A legend goes, before people, buildings and roads took over the place, there were leprechauns wandering freely around.

Long before the white men settled in Canada, its first inhabitants already had a vibrant life in a swamp covered by flat stones.

When the Summer were already gone, and Autumn times did not have any more leaves left on the trees, we can only hope for a snowy Winter.