Glimpses of Grey

An experiment with crunchy details and various shades of grey over scenes taken in different places in Portugal.

Um experimento com detalhes marcantes e muitas tonalidades de cinza em cenas tiradas em diferentes lugares de Portugal.

How Much Do You Love Me?


A mathematical and humorous discussion, using a compass and a ruler (you choose the Metric or Imperial units), on how to measure how much we love our partner. It may apply to you too but the results may vary depending how cleverly we deal with such socially (in)accurate arguments and your other half’s mood to accept them. Use this study with discretion in the proper dosage according to your own judgement.


Uma discussão matemática e bem humorada, usando régua e compasso (no Sistema Métrico ou não), sobre como determinar o quanto nós amamos nosso parceiro(a). Pode ser que ela se aplique a você também, mas os resultados poderão variar dependendo quão sabiamente você conseguirá lidar com tais argumentos socialmente (in)corretos e da vontade da sua cara metade em aceitá-los. Use êste estudo com discrição na dosagem apropriada segundo seu julgamento interior.

A selection of quotes, some serious, some funny, related to windows accompanied by photos.

Life and Windows

Another selection of light quotes with hand picked photos about boats to enlighten the day.

Life growing from the decay.

I still remember, when I was around 6 years old, my father taking us to our monthly visit
to his brother and my aunt in the outskirts.
It was almost a ritual: we would have an earlier lunch at home,
take the bus, arrive at my uncle’s place by 2 PM,
have some socialization there, followed by coffee with fresh biscuits,
bread and jelly at 4 PM and finally, at 5 PM, we would take the bus back to home,
arriving just on time for my father to listen to the Sunday’s sports news on the radio.

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What do you do when the day presents itself to you so white that you like through the window and the only thing that you see is a white blanket?

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Cars, Caged!

A few days ago, I ran into a situation that made me feel reluctant to tell anybody. Afterthoughts reminded me that hardly somebody would believe me anyway…

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Study in White

Researches say there is a correlation between the experiences we have while awaken (and the corresponding colors of these experiences) with the colors of our dreams…

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