Words reflecting the mood of the moment; stories imagining the unthinkable; opinions one might find useful… or not.

Palavras refletindo um estado de espírito de um momento qualquer; histórias imaginando o impensável; opiniões que talvez sejam úteis… ou não!


No two people will see a foreign country the same way: some will look at the people; others will taste the food; a third person will pay attention to the scenery. Here is my take on some countries.


Cameras don't make good or bad pictures.
Photography and You
The verb “To Photoshop” has entered our vocabulary and is used when we least expect…
Did You Photoshop it?
The various ways of transforming an image into a (digital) piece of art.
Filter Effects in Photography
The struggles moving from a Point and Shoot (PS) to a professional DSLR camera.
Transitioning from PS to DSLR.


Sometimes funny, sometimes serious… Aspects of Life seeing from objects and pictures.