When the Sun Meets Earth

No particular order; no particular grouping. Just fun!

It does not need to go very far to capture an interesting scene; just around the corner, there are some small trees line up between two road lanes. And wait for the Sun to be in the right place.

This scene is from one of our beaches here… No problem! We can also use it as a sky resort!…

What we feel when we are facing such beauty?

Paris. Period.

Lucky enough to see this sunset in an isolated field.

Calling for the day in the middle of a harsh Winter near Mont Cascades, Quebec, Canada.

It just merits to be there!

When the night falls at the beach and you only listen the slow crash of the waves, you think:
“Can I stay here forever?”

You sit on the garden bench and slowly sip a black coffee while you relax after the day disappears on the horizon…

While the light lasts, there is still hope to see now calm and tranquil even the colder environment could present. Not a living sould anymore, everybody enjoying the warmth of a safe place can provide.

Daffodils from a different perspective.

Storm approaching. Don’t worry: it’s very photogenic!

Five pictures stitched together to make a bit of justice to the majestic place.