No particular order; no particular grouping. Just fun!

Daffodils from a different perspective.

A giant palette of all kinds of colors and shapes at the tulip fields in Holland.

The delicate scent and beauty of Lavenders.

Daffodils from a different perspective.

It just merits to be there!

Storm approaching. Don’t worry: it’s very photogenic!

Paris. Period.

A legend goes, before people, buildings and roads took over the place, there were leprechauns wandering freely around.

Lucky enough to see this sunset in an isolated field.

Five pictures stitched together to make a bit of justice to the majestic place.

Calling for the day in the middle of a harsh Winter near Mont Cascades, Quebec, Canada.

Long before the white men settled in Canada, its first inhabitants already had a vibrant life in a swamp covered by flat stones.

When the Summer were already gone, and Autumn times did not have any more leaves left on the trees, we can only hope for a snowy Winter.