From Hell to Heaven

Simple facts in Life have different meanings for different people: to a poet, would a little house with a white fence a reason for romantic or delicate moments of Love? To an architect, the same house and white fence is a problem of arranging harmonious objects together. To a painter, it is just a matter of adding some flowers here and there, some greens, a tree and – voilá! – a nice scene starts to materialize on a canvas.

This picture, taken last Summer at sunset, gave me the impression that a spirit was raising from the obscure and hot chambers of the religious Hell to the peaceful and quiet cosmological Heaven. Look at the tortuous path taken by the spirit until it reaches its destination!…

My interpretation was purely religious or transcendental. It does not actually mean that I believe in Hell or Heaven while specific places where souls are tortured because of their sins or where souls rest because of their merits. In fact, would such occur than we would have to believe that our fates are inexorably attached to our bad or good deeds and, therefore, we could not learn from our mistakes nor could other beings profit from our good experiences.

Indeed, I firmly believe that we continuously progress and evolve, no matter what the actions we take.

Nevertheless, could I have given other interpretations to it?

Enjoy the ride!

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