Dark and light. Night and day. Red and green…

Opposites always catch our attention because they play with our emotions. Human beings feel more comfortable when they walk on known terrains like the trip we make everyday to work or to school; like the food that stimulates inner senses; like the friends and relatives that we know their reactions and feelings; like the neighborhood that we are familiar with; like the way our furniture is disposed at home…

But, when things change and specially when they change radically by going to extremes, we immediately enter in a kind of shock state as things are not the way they were anymore. This shock may last a few seconds, a few hours or forever, depending on what changed and how it affected ourselves.

This is good though!

Changes come to show us how things could be done differently, usually in a better way. Changes motivate us to keep going and to look for alternatives in life. Changes push us to limits where you can see how capable we are to deal with situations that we never thought about.

Let’s welcome the changes!

These two pictures are opposites representing constant changes. Spring and Autumn.



Autumn Leaves.

Autumn Leaves.


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