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The Battered Door With Two KeyHoles

The Key

“If I was not there, I would have not believed what happened to entirely change our lives!”, Jimmy was saying to me over a pot of coffee and freshly baked croissants with homemade strawberry and orange jellies.

Jimmy and I

Buildings, Paris, France.

Paris Noir

It has been said that Rome is eternal (Sempiterna Roma). Its almost 2,800 years left us a legacy that spans culture, law, engineering, architecture, war affairs and language. Take, for instance, our codes of Law inspired in Roman’s …

Sunflower Patch.

The Sunflower Symphony

Within the limits of the city and surrounded by houses, busy streets, hospitals and highrises, there is a very large section of land used by an experimental farm to teach students how to cultivate, to enchant visitors with a variety …

Number 7.


I was watching one of those promise-all and heal-all programs on TV (do not ask me why I was doing it, I must have been very bored or there was nothing important to be watched) where this guy was talking …

The Fallen Leaf

Snow and Sun

Finally, a lovely sunny day without wind in spite the low temperature (-7 C). The snow simply glowed with the light and so the many details hidden in the past (a lot) grey days.

This was an invitation to explore …

Bikes Gathered at a Café in Bordeaux, France.

The Reunion

By definition, a reunion is “the state of being united again” or “a gathering of relatives, friends, or peers of an association at regular intervals or after separation”.

Reunions often happen with families where members come from