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Hidden Flower.

Want to Relax?

If you want some relaxation time, just to get away from your daily chores or from problems, go out for a walk with a camera. You do not need to stay long out; 15 to 20 minutes is enough. Why for a walk? Not a strenuous...

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Spiking the Sun. Nikon D7000, f/3.5, ISO 100, 1/500s, Tamron 90mm.

Spiking the Sun

Little moments that reward you so much! Walking down the street, close to home, I found these spiked bulbs protruding from the bushes almost on the walkway. Nothing really interesting but there was the Sun bathing them but coming from my back. Why not combining both?...

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Water in the Park. Nine pictures stitched together. Nikon D7000, ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/320s.

Water in the Park

This Winter was really tough with lots of snow that accumulated and then melted in the beginning of Spring. Normally, the water gets absorbed by the ground but, since we got too much snow, the snow melts faster than it can be absorbed and this...

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Storm Approaching.

Summer Rain

There is nothing like a hot Summer day washed out by a sudden rain that comes, spills water like a bucket full of water being turned over and then, just like it came, goes and leaves that pleasant freshness in the air (at least for...

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Rafts in Rio Grande, Jamaica.

Bamboo Rafting

The first impression of a bamboo raft is not very pleasant as it looks pretty unstable and wobbly but once you get onboard, you feel safe and comfortable if you don't go through very rough waters.  Actually, looking closely, they can stand a lot of...

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